I’ve always believed that the best thing about writing fiction is that you can make it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of truth too; a bit of authenticity, then a sprinkle of outdoors and I’m done!

The soothing feel of a gentle breeze to give a story some calm, a fight against a howling gale to provide some tension and the freedom of being on top of a mountain to give it some space, similar in fact to the photo below.  Not that I’ve written a story about a goat, not yet, but there’s time.

Kevin Brooke

There’s a couple of links to books I’ve written, a few short stories – some of which have been shortlisted here and there, with one of them, ‘Running Away’ the winner in the Erewash 2014 Open Short Story competition.  There’s even a poetry corner.

There’s also links to websites such as the truly wonderful Black Pear Press, who published my Young Adult novel ‘Jimmy Cricket‘, along with a link to my book aimed at 6 – 10 year olds ‘The Roman Citizens from Class 6B‘.

Anyway, writing is what I do now, as a Creative Writing & English Literature Student at Worcester University, as a member of Worcester Writers’ Circle and as someone who enjoys reading at spoken word events in Worcester such as 42 and Speakeasy and other Worcester Lit Festival events.

There’s a few other links at the top of this page too if you’ve time.

I sing too and there’s a link to the Voices Unlimited website.  I truly believe that singing has helped to improve my writing in a big way.  Maybe it’s something to do with self-expression but whatever it is, I’ll keep doing it, that’s for sure.

If only writing could improve my singing.  Then again, that’s another story and one for another day.