14/01/18 – Great to be asked to read at Suz Winspear’s book launch of ‘The Awkward People’ at Drummonds in Worcester. I read ‘Bat in the Box’ and ‘Bang Bang’ (as written by Mike Wheatley). The former Worcestershire Poet Laureate has produced a wonderful collection – my favourite poem is Safe Harbour

The Awkward People

11/01/18  – Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the prize giving for the Rotary Young Writers Competition at Pershore High, but I’ve since read the four winning stories. Dark stuff but extremely compelling. One of them has since won the District Competition too! Good for them all!

19/11/17 – Lovely opportunity to read a story from the ‘Of Machines And Men’ Lit Fest Young Writers’ Anthology at Titania House. Some (all!) really great stories from the Young Writers!

Of Machines And Men

  17/11/17 – Didn’t they do well! The students of Blessed Edward Oldcorne that is! 5th and 8th in the regional finals of the Worldwide, KidsLitQuiz in Butts Arena, Coventry. Fantastic Performance!

13/11/17 – Second visit to Pershore High today to follow up a visit on 03/11/17. Some fantastic ideas from the young people with reference to the Rotary Young Writers Competition! Looking forward to reading the entries!

21/10/17 – Managed to see Jeremy Strong today at the Beeline, University of Worcester children’s storytelling festival. I remember reading Fatbag the Demon Vacuum Cleaner some years ago. Apparently, he’s now written 107 books! Other highlights from the festival included the incredible Michael Rosen and a wonderful day watching a group of Primary School children animate their own film.

12/10/17 – A quick visit to help judge the acrostic poem competition at Blessed Edward Oldcorne. Decisions made, but very difficult

29/09/17 – Into Blessed Edward Oldcorne to meet the new year 7s. We discussed their reading and writing likes and dislikes along with the renaissance reading scheme.  There was also time to speak about their sporting prowess, which fitted in neatly with a chat about my YA book, Jimmy Cricket!

27/09/17 – 42 Night in Worcester and an opportunity to read from my new novel, the first chapter of my YA dissertation piece, The Objectors

26/07/17 – An opportunity to host at my favourite spoken word event, 42 Worcester. Some really great performances, a couple of beers, a few laughs and a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Just another night at 42 then! The stellar cast included – Sera Bryant, Liam Cortintias, Polly Stretton, Timber Stavert, Holly Magill, Neil Richards, James Burr, Suz Winspear, Margaret Adkins, and Nina Lewis

20/07/17 – Lovely day at Pershore High School. A presentation at morning assembly about ‘what I write and why?’ was followed by in-school activities. This included a session in which a group of students each wrote a story / began a story, based on the idea of receiving a sealed envelope, deciding what was inside and who they’d received it from. Some amazing ideas!

29/06/17 – A story of mine called The Biggest Issue, and loosely based on a Big Issue Salesman I met on a freezing December Day, has been commended in the Graffiti Magazine short story competition. It is due to be published in the August Edition

26/06/17 – A day I won’t forget in a hurry! I’ve taken over from Karen King today at Blessed Edward Oldcorne as the Patron of Reading. Karen is exactly the kind of successful children’s writer that I one day aspire to be. I’m really looking forward to working with the wonderful librarian, Mrs Bromyard, and the eager young readers and writers at the school

05/06/17 – A poem of mine has been published on the Good Dadhood site as per the below link. A lovely surprise, especially with father’s day just around the corner.

Photograph of my Father

05/05/17 – A story of mine entitled ‘Caught Out’ has been selected to be included in the anthology called Paws for Thought and as per the below link. Proceeds go to the RSPCA

Caught Out in Paws for Thought

01/05/17 – ‘Broken Memories’ a short story based on a man,  emotionally abused as a child, who returns to the family home as an adult has been longlisted, then shortlisted in the Nottingham, National Short Story competition

15/12/16 – I’ve had 4 x nursing case studies published, which is great and very different to anything I’ve done before. Following an interview with 4 different students about their life at the University of Worcester, these have now been accepted as a means to inspire future students to pursue a future nursing career

15/11/16 – A story entitled ‘Opening the Locks’ has been longlisted, then shortlisted in the Erewash, National Short Story Competition

05/11/16 – A story originally aimed at Women’s Weekly called ‘Dance Night’ has been included in the Black Pear Press anthology as per the below link, after being longlisted

Dance Night in On The Day Of The Dead

02/11/16 – A poem entitled ‘The Rivers of 1916’ and a piece of flash fiction about the 1/8 Worcester Battalion’s involvement in the Battle of the Somme have been included in a wonderful little anthology that incorporates the work of Worcester Writers Circle

15/10/16 – Two pieces of Flash Fiction have been included in the Cache of Flashes, namely ‘Butterfingers’  and ‘Filled with Joy’

Butterfingers and Filled with Joy in A Cache of Flashes

03/06/16 – ‘The Photograph’ A short story about a man who revisits Leominster and retraces his steps via the use of a Photograph – Short Listed, then awarded Runner Up in the Festival Competition, 2016. Deborah Moggach (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), handed out the certificates at Grange Court

26/05/16 – The Contract, a short story about gambling with more than the protagonist could afford, has been awarded ‘Runner Up’ in this years Nottingham Writers’ Competition and a competition. The Long list was almost 80 and the shortlist 25

25/04/16 – The Cha, Cha, Cha poem (Magic Dancing Shoes) has been published by Kishboo Online  Magazine

28/03/16 – Incredibly, I’ve found out today that my story ‘Pooh Sticks & Rainbows’ has won 1st prize in the Kishboo, Spring, 2016,  Short Story Competition. Thank you to everyone who voted – I’m so very grateful! Thank you so much to Kishboo Magazine for publishing this because it is a story which means a lot, which therefore means that this means an awful lot too!

15/02/16 – There’s always doubt when you write. Then one of your books is used (The Roman Citizens from Class 6B) at Malvern Wells Primary School. You go in, with your ridiculous hat, and one of the girls hands you the drawing she’s been sketching. On the way out of the classroom, one of the boys tells you it was one of the best days of his life!  I have to say that being given the opportunity to go into schools are some of the best days of my life too. Thank you to all the wonderful people at Malvern Wells, and of course, to Diane Williams

30/01/16 – I found this the other day. I guess it’s not often you see your name mentioned on the same page as The Rolling Stones and The Levellers and so I felt compelled to add the below link to my blog. Thank you to Polly Stretton and Black Pear Press for sending this off to Slap Magazine!

Slap Magazine

22/01/16 – My first blog on my new website – a story called Pooh Sticks & Rainbows has been published by Kishboo magazine