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Activities and successes of the students at Blessed Edward Oldcorne, Worcester

18/06/21 – Winner of the Worcestershire Litfest Young Writers competition

Dan, a year 12 pupil from Blessed Edward Oldcorne, has won the Worcestershire Litfest Young Writers competition on the theme of Gods and Monsters. His story is entitled ‘The World and I’.

As the winner of the years 10-12 category, he received an engraved trophy, a book token, a certificate and a book entitled The Objectors that has been written and illustrated by competition sponsors, The Story Knights (further info on the ‘Books‘ page). for Dan!


05/12/20 – Young Writer Anthology 

Fantastic news – 22 pupils from Blessed Edward have been included in the Young Writer Anthology 2020

In addition, Dan T came first in the Years 10-12 category and Daniel T came third in the years 7-9 category

Congratulations to them all!!

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28/05/2019 – Young Writer Competition Results, 2019

The results of the Worcestershire Litfest Young Writer Competition have been announced and the pupils at Blessed Edward have been extremely successful

School Years 7-9

  • 1st Place – The Monster Behind the Mask, by Jenna
  • 2nd Place – The Legend, by Emila
  • Highly Commended – Was this what Destiny Felt Like? by Skye
Agata, Katie and Barbara also came in the top ten, which is great when you consider there were nearly 50 entries in this category.

School Years 10-12

  • 1st Place – The Myth, by Eleanor Cross
  • 3rd Place – Fountain of Youth, by Mine Aralikci
Congratulations to them all. Prizes will be awarded at the launch of the Litfest on Sunday, June 9th and the winners will be invited to read their stories. All entrants should feel extremely proud of themselves – well-done everybody!!

22/03/19 – Myths and Legends Workshop

It was great to see 19 pupils at the Myths & Legends workshop, for the Worcester Litfest Young Writers Competition, on Monday 18th March.

I’m really looking forward to reading their entries!

22/03/19 – Book Art Competition

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Book Art Competition.

Particular congratulations go to Daniel, who came First

Equal congratulations to Liane, who came Second,

Julia, who came Third,

and to Hans, Grace and George, all of whom were Highly Commended.

The winning entry is as follows: