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The Christmas Tree
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Bat in the Box

(first published at Worcestershire Poet Laureate Nina Lewis – Halloween Special)

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Love of the Mundane

(first published at Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Nina Lewis – Contour Magazine)

Christmas Angel

including a reading by a school in Dresden, Germany:-

I hope I remember this Christmas
Maybe angels will visit my house
Come disguised as an elf or a reindeer
A blackbird, a fox or a mouse

I’ll watch from my living room window
Look down at the street from upstairs
I’ll hide behind trees in the garden
And hope I can catch them unawares

But what would I do if I met one?
If she floated right down from the skies
Maybe I’d ask her to sing me a song
As she melted my heart with her eyes

Then I’d remember this Christmas
Every year I’d reflect for a while
I’d tell all my friends who’d believe me
Of an angel who once made me smile

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The Christmas Tree

To be born as a tree is a wonderful thing
But I never realised all the joy that I’d bring
When I lived in the forest full of insects and birds
So peaceful and quiet, not a sound to be heard

I was going on ten when the forester came
To leave such a place seemed a terrible shame
I was even quite scared to be stood on a lorry
But with friends all around I had no need to worry

We sailed on a boat on a choppy blue sea
Then went on a train from a place called Dundee
I stood in a field and waited my turn
When nobody chose me I felt some concern

Then out of the shadows came a broad chested man
Who threw me quite roughly in the back of his van
Almost two hours later I was in his front room
And surrounded by children, his family I assume

I was covered in baubles, tinsel and lights
With a star on my head I looked quite a sight!
Then came the presents which sat at my feet
They made me feel loved – what a wonderful treat

So now as I stand in the cold and the rain
I really don’t need to be sad or complain
It won’t be too long, it’ll soon be next year
When all the excitement will again reappear

23/12/2020 – Lovely to have this poem included in the #worcestershirelibraries Winter Medley too!

The Christmas Tree on Youtube

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Comedy Act

My friend Ben Weir
Had a brilliant idea
To get out of the end of year play
During selection
We were less than perfection
In a very deliberate way

We tried out for the choir
Singing louder and higher
Than everyone else in our class
When it came to the stage
We read the wrong page
Then spoke first when it should have been last

Next came the band
And I fell off the stand
When I missed the bass drum with my sticks
We ruined our chance
When it came to the dance
And I knew that we wouldn’t be picked

I started to doubt
When our names were read out
By the school’s Drama Head, Mr Fetch
He’d reached the conclusion
Being dire was an illusion
And we’d been picked, for a comedy sketch

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Friday Afternoon Treat

Our favourite teacher
Called Mr. O’Meecher,
Takes science on Friday afternoons
He’s very enthusiastic,
Tells us we’re fantastic,
And has a face as round as the moon.
In winter when it’s dark
He gives lessons a spark,
Cos he takes away all of our gloom.

He is our inspiration,
Gives Fridays sensation,
He even makes all the girls swoon,
But what makes him the best,
And not like the rest,
And makes all our hearts go boom.
Is that when we are dazzled
Our tiny minds frazzled,
He buys ice cream with twenty-two spoons.

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How to win the 100 metres

When sports day comes
It’s not much fun
If you think you may come last
Your nerves are jingling
And your knees are trembling
You wish you could run fast

The starter says GO!
You set off very slow
As the others all race for the lead
You try your best
To catch the rest
And hope you may succeed

If you’re still behind
As you head for the line
Then it’s time you checked your pocket
For things put away
Just for today
A fuse, a lighter, a rocket

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