A selection of short stories and Poems

Short Stories

A piece of Flash Fiction that won the Litfest, Flash Fiction Slam in 2019

Filled With Joy

The Photograph

Runner-up in the Leominster Festival Short Story Competition, on the theme of ‘Leominster Landscapes’ and then published, May 2018

Pooh Sticks & Rainbows  (pdf)

Winner of the Kishboo, National Spring Competition, 2016

Lottie Littlecup (pdf)

Lottie Littlecup – aimed at 5-7 year olds and published in the Spring / Summer Sabrina Magazine, 2016

 Nan’s Faith in The Power of a Smile (external link)

Family Life piece – Based on ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole, published in The Guardian, 2015

Running Away (external link)

Winner of the Erewash, National, Open Short Story Competition, 2014

The Chair (external link)

The Landscape Painter (external link)

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website link to a poem that came runner-up in the Worcestershire Litfest poetry slam in 2019

Photograph of my Father

a pdf link to

Bat in the Box

(first published at Worcestershire Poet Laureate Nina Lewis – Halloween Special)

Christmas Angel

Read by a school in Dresden, Germany:-

The Christmas Tree

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Comedy Act

My friend Ben Weir
Had a brilliant idea
To get out of the end of year play
During selection
We were less than perfection
In a very deliberate way

We tried out for the choir
Singing louder and higher
Than everyone else in our class
When it came to the stage
We read the wrong page
Then spoke first when it should have been last

Next came the band
And I fell off the stand
When I missed the bass drum with my sticks
We ruined our chance
When it came to the dance
And I knew that we wouldn’t be picked

I started to doubt
When our names were read out
By the school’s Drama Head, Mr Fetch
He’d reached the conclusion
Being dire was an illusion
And we’d been picked, for a comedy sketch

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