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I write for young people. Sometimes, I write stories aimed at adults, but the best ones always have young people at their heart. They also tend to switch between fantasy and reality such as my latest story:

Max & Luchia: The Game Makers 

The main characters are an eleven-year-old dyslexic boy and his sister who travel to a fairy-tale kingdom of castles, dragons, vampires and giants. It also contains a Knight and here are a few pictures from the book launch at The Hive, Worcester, 23rd September 2018

Photography by Jodie Stilgoe https://www.instagram.com/photoxjcs/

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I am honoured to be Patron of Reading at Blessed Edward Oldcorne in Worcester. A number of students read at the book launch and details of their activities and successes can be located by visiting the Patron of Reading section. On this tab, there are also details and news articles on various school visits including readings and creative writing workshops.

General writing suggestions can be found in the interview by Nina Lewis as part of the INKSPILL project, 2018

Guest writer interview – Kevin Brooke

    The website includes links to the truly wonderful Black Pear Press who published both ‘Jimmy Cricket’ and ‘Max & Luchia: The Game Makers’ and a link to my book aimed at 6 – 10 year olds ‘The Roman Citizens from Class 6B‘.

There’s a page containing a few short stories and a video link. Most of the stories have been shortlisted, while ‘Running Away’ and ‘Pooh Sticks & Rainbows’ were winners of their respective competitions. The poetry section includes a recording of a school in Dresden, reading ‘Christmas Angel’.

I’ve recently completed a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing & English Literature at the University of Worcester and somehow managed a first. I’m a member of Worcester Writers’ Circle and enjoy reading at spoken word events in Worcester such as 42 and other Worcester Lit Festival events.

I sing too and here’s a link to the Voices Unlimited website.  I truly believe that singing has helped to improve my writing in a big way.  If only writing could improve my singing.  Then again, that’s another story and one for another day.

(Links to DBS certification can be found by clicking here Page 1 of 2  here Page 1 of 2 bottom half and here Page 2 of 2)