I write for young people. Sometimes, I write stories aimed at adults, but the best ones always have young people at heart. They also tend to switch between fantasy and reality such as my latest story:

Max & Luchia: The Game Makers 

This is the first part of chapter 1, including suggestions for young people to create their own stories

and the second part of chapter 1

and a chapter within the game

The main characters are an eleven-year-old dyslexic boy and his sister who travel to a fairy-tale kingdom of castles, dragons, vampires and giants. It also contains a Knight and, because it has been so successful, the illustrator and I decided to set up The Story Knights. If you’d like any further information, please visit the contact tab

More information can be found at my Contact an Author page

the knights flyer2

N.B. Enhanced DBS certification is available on request

Here are a few images from the book launch of Max & Luchia at The Hive, Worcester, 23rd September 2018

Photography by Jodie Stilgoe https://www.instagram.com/photoxjcs/

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Being GrilledScreenshot_20180924-193348 (1)